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I founded the collection  „Payment Cards of the Czech Republic“  in 1994 with the aim to create a comprehensive collection of payment cards issued on the territory of the Czech Republic by banks or other authorized subjects.

When this my web site was first published at the end of 2012, the collection consisted of more than 470 different designs on more than 530 card specimens  from more than 40 Czech banks.

In December 2018, I have almost 1.500 pieces of cards with 1.160 different designs from 59 Czech banks or issuers. I concentrate only on the Czech payment cards, my collection is the largest – among the private held and organized – of its art in the Czech Republic.

To the rare examples in the collection counts the very first bank-like plastic card of Živnostenská banka issued 1988 to serve the foreign currency accounts (so called „tuzexový účet“). Though its function was only to identificate the owner of the account, the materiál, the design and the size was completely bank-card looking.

Other rare specimen is the very first payment card in Czech Republic issued by Česká státní spořitelna, 1989.

Quite a valuable part of the collection consists of payment cards issued during the banking boom in early 90´s by banks which no more exist e.g. Ekoagrobanka, Agrobanka, Moravia banka etc.

My payment card collection is registered with the Czech Curiosity Collectors´Club where I am a proud member.

If you are interested in payment cards of the Czech Republic, you might visit the web presentation of the Bank Card Association .

You can find images of another large bank card collection clicking on this link of Muzeum cenných papírů .

If you have any piece of a Czech payment card or any payment card and you would like to donate it to this collection, please contact me on info@bankovni-karty.cz . I will appreciate it. You are welcome to visit my professional web www.dusanjilek.cz  and www.az-skills.eu .


Dušan Jílek, collector of payment cards

Prague, Czech Republic December 2012.

(Up dated in February 2019)